Before yesterday we had a trip for run4change.Run4change is a organization for poverty all schools raised money for poverty.People from all over Hamilton to run for poverty.Everybody brought money for poverty.Our trip was to bay front park we had to run 10 km . Untitled-1

Aboriginal Art

Yesterday I was doing aboriginal art.We had to choose an animal that represents our culture I choose the eagle.We had to draw that animal I drew it.When I was finished the teacher said that we had to put thick black lines on the animal.Also in the inside of the animal we had to but shapes in it so it can look like aboriginal art.

body maps

Today was our last day for body maps.What the body maps were is that the body maps was when traced someone.Then we put the body parts of our body on our traced person.We put the body parts like the heart,digestive system,the brain and all other sorts of body parts.I learned new body parts like the digestive system.

Disproportionate Portraits


Proportion is when the picture is changed up.Or proportion is when it describes something.Also proportion is when it shows a picture of an animal or person.

What I would do different next time is make a different background.I would do that because I am an alien.Also because an alien lives on a different planet then earth.

welcome to my blog

Hi I am Mahdi look at all the work I was  doing from grade 5 to grade 12. I love to play soccer,soccer is my favourite sport I played that sport since I was a little kid.My favourite subject is gym I also like to read a lot.My favourite soccer team is Barcelona and my favourite basketball team is the Toronto Raptors also my favourite hockey team is the Toronto Maple leafs